Optimal Energy Scheduling in Microgrids with Photovoltaic (PV) Generation and Energy Storage Systems

This project is sponsored by the National Science Foundation under award 1610396 with a start date of September 1, 2016. This award supports fundamental research to address two major threats to public health and welfare, namely global warming and air pollution, by enabling the optimal use of solar photovoltaic energy. This project seeks to create … Read more

The Solar Endowment

This project is sponsored by the US Department of Energy, as a subcontract via the Midwest Renewable Energy Association. The vision of this overall project (including other universities and organizations) is to construct solar energy projects on university campuses using innovative funding mechanisms.

P3: Selective Source AC/DC Power Supply

This project was supported by the US Environmental Protection Agency through grant SU836040 as part of their “People, Prosperity and the Planet” program (http://www.epa.gov/P3/). The goal was to design a power conversion system that would support both ac and dc loads from either solar power or the grid. The topology eliminates one power conversion in most … Read more

Waves, Wind, and Scavengers: Next Generation Renewable Energy Systems for Naval Applications

This project was funded by the Office of Naval Research. The project focused on a number of technologies to support next-generation hydrokinetic energy systems. Interest areas included: blade airfoil modeling, composite blade design & construction, embedded blade sensors, generator design, and power converter design. Kimball focused on the electromechanical energy conversion and grid interface.

Advanced Electric Drive Vehicles – A Comprehensive Education, Training, and Outreach Program

This project was sponsored by the US Department of Energy. Along with our partners, University of Central Missouri, Linn State Technical College, and the St. Louis Science Center, we developed a number of educational offerings related to electric drive vehicles. Kimball’s contribution centered on the development of a hardware-in-the-loop system to demonstrate a series hybrid … Read more